January 2020

Photomask Japan 2020

Annex Hall, PACIFICO Yokohama
19. – 21. April 2020
Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama
1-1-1, Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku
Yokohama 220-0012, JAPAN

Because of COVID-19 the conference was cancelled. We regret this, but find it a right step to protect health.

Visit us at the Photomask Japan 2020

The aim of the Photomask Japan is to bring together engineers and investigators from all over the world in the field of photomasks, NGL masks, and related technologies. The Photomask Japan 2020 is the 27th international symposium on photomasks and NGL masks in Japan.

We present our Reticle Management Software (RTCL) which covers the entire reticle and carrier life cycle including mask ordering, CofC validation, incoming qualification, reticle stocker automation, reticle inspection, tracking of movements, status changes, waivers, requalification, repellicalization, repair, etc.

Our Mask Vendor Connectivity (MaVen) provides for monitoring of the entire reticle order process, automatic status and ETA updates from the mask house, automatic read-in and plausibility/validation checks of data prep information, reticle order files (e. g. SEMI P10) and certificate of conformance (CofC) files. Automatic emails to configurable groups of engineers can be sent, based on the validation result or other business rules. Corrective actions can be taken, before the reticle is manufactured or shipped, resulting in tremendous savings in both cost and time.

iCADA's advanced Inspection Management Software (INSP) provides functions for triggering and monitoring of reticle inspections, based on a flexible counter and timer mechanism. Dynamic cycles per reticle or reticle group can be configured, e. g. to reflect changes inspection the cycles after reticle cleaning/repair for crystal growth and haze. Automatic inspection result analysis after import from KLA Starlight/TeraScan, ASML IRIS, Canon PPC, Nikon PPD, Dr. Schenk Pollux, etc. minimizes human errors and ensures that your business rules are strictly met. Moreover, inspections can be easily visualized and further evaluated in our convenient user interface (RIMGui).

Our software provides an open interface to integrate seamlessly with any MES and MCS system, as well as photo dispatch and scheduler applications. It is in production since 1999 in many advanced fabs around the world.


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